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Veronica Wilder - Erotic Fiction Author

Veronica Wilder was born in New York and grew up with 3 older Brothers. (Who have no idea what she writes.) After getting a Philosophy degree, she decided to go after her rather unconventional dream of becoming an erotica writer. She recently settled down in Michigan and spends her time reading, writing & spending time with her husband. Veronica does most of her writing in her lake house, which gives her the solitude to explore her fantasies. Her only message to her readers is, “I hope you enjoy my passion. :)” Feel free to contact her at Veronica@VeronicaWilder.com. You can also find out more about Veronica’s projects at VeronicaWilder.com p.s. Check out my first book on Amazon called Bound Obsession in the BDSM Erotica category

Bound Obsession - Book Description

Bound Obsession - BDSM Category


She had no choice but to take the ultimate chance.


Abigail Fuller is flat broke and terrified. Heeding the advice of her best friend, she enters Salome's Lounge in the role of a full-service escort. Catching the eye of Patrick Dorson, she is swiftly driven into a world of pleasure and pain. But will Patrick's rival claim her for his own? Or will her new lover's jealous nature spoil any chance at happiness?


Warning: This BDSM/Adult Age book is only for ages 18 and up.